Carole Williams
Autism Liaison

I started teaching in 1976 at Sulby school. I left for a year or two to have my daughter then started teaching again in 1988 at Glencrutchery school where I learned much of my craft from the amazing staff and children there.   I became special unit manager at Scoill Vallajeelt in 1992 till 1995 finally moving to Scoill Phurt le Moirrey in 1995 where I spent 18 happy years. During my time at SPLM I studied for a degree in Special Needs, undertook a sign language course and learned so much from the children and their families.   I have worked in my present post since August 2013. I am privileged to have attended many courses run by National Autistic Society where interesting professionals and awesome Autistic people share their knowledge.   My job is different every day working with Autistic pupils in school, with families at home, training in schools, banks, staff at NSC, the Police Force, prison service and much, much more.