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About us

Autism In Mann was originally called the Isle of Man Autistic Support Group. It is a Manx Registered Charity, established in 1991 by two parents who wanted to reach out and help others and it has been involved with the local community ever since! 
We are a parent support group run by families affected by autism
We are constantly looking at ways to help and expand opportunities for young people and families affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism?

Autism is a type of developmental disability and is lifelong. There are different types of autism, but all people with autism show difficulty with social interaction, communication and imagination to a greater or lesser degree.

People with autism are said to be on “the autistic spectrum”. The word 'spectrum' is used because, while all people with autism share the three main areas of difficulty, their condition will affect them in very different ways.

Autistic spectrum disorder can prove isolating not just for the person with it, but also for their parents/carers and siblings.

Autism in Mann aims to provide help and support to parents and carers and to promote a greater understanding of the condition.

To learn more about autism click here

What do we do

We work independently and with other Charities and organisations to provide training opportunities for members and professionals.

We work in partnership with the  Department of Education, Sport & Culture to jointly fund a teacher to work with children with autism.

We produce a Quarterly Newsletter for our members

Our library books are housed at The Family Library, Westmoreland Road, Douglas

We have donated books to following libraries :

- The Family Library in Douglas
- The Henry Bloom Noble in Douglas
- The Ward Library in Peel
- The Castletown Library
- The George Herdman Library in Port Erin
- The Ramsey Town Library
- The Harvey Briggs Onchan Library

We meet regularly and run social events for parents and families, such as coffee mornings, and swimming sessions. 

Autism in Mann is a member charity of Project 21 which has worked to build Centre 21 for people with learning difficulties.

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

Places for the Teenage Activity Group (TAG) sessions must be booked in advance by emailing
Numbers are limited, so please book as early as possible.

With Manx Mencap

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

Call in for a chat with Jenny next Wednesday morning at Jurby Community Centre. This will be Jenny's last Northern Drop In before the summer holidays.
Everyone welcome!

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

A good news story from Scotland

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

One of our members is looking for tips to teach her son how to tie shoe laces. This article has some ideas but we wonder if anyone has any other suggestions. Her son would love to wear shoes with laces rather than Velcro fastening.

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

Chris Bonnello, creator of the website Autistic Not Weird, is one of the line up for Manx Litfest 2024, which runs from 24th to 29th September.
More details to follow.

Autism in Mann
Autism in Mann

Jenny will have copies of 'The Growing Up Book for Boys' and 'The Growing Up Guide for Girls' at the Drop In sessions this month.

The Growing Up Book for Boys explains the facts behind growth spurts, body changes and mood...

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